A Walk in the Woods 1

What’s in it for me? Learn how every great adventure begins with a single step.

You might think embarking on a mighty adventure isn’t something you’d do on a whim. Maybe you’ve been thinking about giving yourself a new challenge for years, read about heroic adventures in the news, or perhaps a friend did something similar once and you want to outdo him. None of these apply to Bill Bryson. One day, soon after moving to New Hampshire, he realized he was within spitting distance of one of the greatest walking routes in the world. Bryson announced to all and sundry that he was going to walk the route and needed a companion. Somewhat to his surprise, his old school friend Stephen Katz responded to the call. Join Bryson on this unexpected adventure along the Appalachian trail as he discovers not just the beauty, nature, wildlife, culture and ecology of America, but also some less enticing aspects of the trip. Traveling always has its ups and downs, but know that all that it takes is a little will and effort and you can soon be on the journey of your life. In these readims you’ll learn just how much forest the contiguous US has; which national park contains a third of the world’s mussels; and what tricks trees employ to fend off creatures.

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