Autonomy 1

What’s in it for me? Plug into the automation revolution.

Freeways choked with traffic; car crashes happening every minute; life-threatening pollution and the sprawling blight of parking lots – our addiction to automobiles is a kind of madness. And this is before we’ve taken into account the far-reaching consequences of fossil fuel dependence, from wars in the Middle East to a catastrophic climate crisis. But it doesn’t have to be like this. A future of clean, self-driving vehicles is on the horizon, where we’ll be able to summon a ride at the touch of an app. We’ll relax as we whizz along in comfort, safe in the knowledge that we’re not polluting the planet – and we’ll never have to worry about parking, mile-long traffic jams or human error at the wheel again. In the following readims, you’ll discover what transport might look like in a few decades, after the internal combustion engine has been relegated to museums. And you’ll see how brave, wild, nerdy people – from a group of roboticists competing in the desert, to the superpowers of Silicon Valley and General Motors – brought this future closer to us. In these readims, you’ll learn how a freezing university campus inspired a dream of automation; what a robot called Minerva contributed to the future; and how Detroit and Silicon Valley were polar opposites. 

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