Blockchain: The Next Everything 1

What’s in it for me? Embrace the radical potential of blockchain technology.

These days, everyone from finance gurus to conceptual artists is talking about blockchain. Initially devised as a platform for Bitcoin, blockchain went unnoticed for years until technologists realized that its potential far exceeds the realm of cryptocurrencies. Now, the hype around this new technology has amounted to some philosophers calling it the next enlightenment.

But what exactly is blockchain? Simply put, blockchain is a digital ledger software that is unhackable and unchangeable. Its distributed technology offers an unprecedented amount of transparency and accountability that poses a threat to traditional intermediary authorities such as banks, businesses, and even governments.
If that sounds confusing, don’t worry. In this these blinks, you’ll learn how the technology works, how it’s being applied to business, finance, climate change, and the arts, and what it could mean for the future of society.
In these blinks, you’ll learn
• why blockchains become more secure as more people join them;
• how blockchain could lead to a fleet of autonomous self-driving cars; and
• why blockchain is giving people hope for a brighter future.