Drawdown 1

What’s in it for me? Learn how we can solve the climate crisis.

If you care about your home planet at all, there’s good reason to be depressed and frightened right now. From record heat waves to acidified oceans, from wildfires to melting ice caps, the effects of global warming are materializing even faster than scientists anticipated. Despite these alarming warning signs, the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere as a consequence of human activity is steadily increasing.  Project Drawdown is a coalition of scientists and researchers dedicated to changing this equation. Using peer-reviewed science and mathematical models, their goal is to illuminate simple and economically viable solutions that drastically reduce, and even reverse, humanity’s CO2 emissions. These readims list some of the most promising solutions to global warming, encouraging individuals, communities, businesses and governments to overcome apathy and take action. From tried-and-tested technologies like renewable energy to less intuitive approaches such as strengthening the rights of indigenous people, these strategies will play a significant role in saving the planet – while benefiting human health, communities and wallets along the way. In these readims, you’ll also learn how a vegetarian diet can help save the planet; which common household appliance is a major cause of global warming; and why cows and trees belong together.

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