Good Reasons for Bad Feelings 1

What’s in it for me? Get a fresh perspective on the timeless question of why we feel the way we do.

We’ve all heard about how humans have evolved over time to become increasingly successful at staying alive and reproducing. But have you ever wondered why our species is still coping with so many dysfunctions that getting through a typical day can feel like an epic struggle?  If so, you’re not alone. This is exactly the question that author Randolph M. Nesse sets out to answer in Good Reasons for Bad Feelings. As Nesse explains, there are plenty of good reasons for all the messy emotions we have, as well as the troubling dysfunctions we have around things like food, sex and drugs. So what may appear to be inconsistencies with the science of evolution are actually helpful examples of both the internal systems we’ve developed over time, and the ways in which these systems may be in conflict with modern life. Sometimes our feelings may seem to hold us back from living fruitful lives, but there are in fact good reasons for even the most unpleasant emotional responses. Understanding these reasons can help us to feel better about ourselves. In these readims you’ll find out why jealousy is useful for our genes; why sexual satisfaction isn’t an evolutionary priority; and why the bliss you get from drugs is more dangerous than other pleasures.

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