Meltdown 1

What’s in it for me? Facts, failure-proofing and maybe even preventing the next apocalypse.

When you hear the word meltdown, what comes to mind – an accident in a nuclear reactor, maybe? Once you’ve been through these readims, you’ll also be able to call on dozens of examples of specifically modern kinds of meltdown, their causes and how to prevent the same happening to you or your organization. We’re living in an age of unprecedented technical capability: transport, commerce, medicine, power… you name it, the systems around us are more advanced and yet also more complex than ever before. That’s why authors Chris Clearfield and András Tilcsik wrote Meltdown, to unpack the ways complexity leads to failure. And they’re making the antidotes available to us all. In these readims, we’ll cover the core components that lead to modern system failure and how to tackle them. Then we’ll break down the tools needed to failure-proof systems and organizations – like structured decision-making, diversity, dissent, reflection, iteration and a list of warning signs. In these readims, you’ll learn how the Fukushima nuclear disaster could have been avoided; why diversity makes organizations stronger; and how parents can learn from ER teams and harness the power of iteration.

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