More Than Enough 1

What’s in it for me? Join Elaine Welteroth on her journey to success.

Elaine Welteroth’s mother, Debra, likes to tell the story of how Elaine learned to walk. Two months before baby Lainey’s first birthday, Debra gave her a pair of Reeboks. They were flamingo pink and sparkly as diamond dust, and, as Debra tells it, the instant they were on little Elaine’s feet, she was up and running. No hesitation. No falls. Just – zoom. Even at that tender age, it was clear she’d been born to run. But by no means was little Elaine’s walking life an uninterrupted series of successful steps. Before donning those dream shoes, she’d relied on the support of a plastic baby walker. Blissful hours flitted by as she pushed it around the house. But sometimes she’d get stuck in a corner, and when that happened, she’d get capital-M Mad.  Today, Elaine recognizes herself in each of those past selves. She knows what it’s like to get stuck in life’s corners. Still, she never stopped running, and never dropped out of the race toward professional and personal fulfillment. These readims tell the story of that dreamward dash. They also reveal that Elaine Welteroth owned a “business” in fifth grade, how Elaine first learned about race, and that acting like a stalker isn’t always a bad thing.

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