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What’s in it for me? Learn how to innovate like an entrepreneur. 

Let’s say that you’re in charge of a great and established company. For decades, customers loved what you offered and recognized your brand from a mile away. Then all of a sudden competitors have outflanked you – a hungry new rival could even make everything you offer redundant. What are you going to do?  Well, you can either wait on the sidelines and hope to find a new market, or you can act radically. In all likelihood, you’ll need to do the latter – stop treading water and start swimming. In the following readims, we’ll look at how established companies can install a permanent growth mind-set at the heart of their operations by acting more like start-ups. Even creaky fifty-year-old organizations can learn to move with the freshness and agility of first-time entrepreneurs. In these readims, you’ll learn when American capitalism began to rot from the inside; why Microsoft’s new CEO had to reinvent the organization; and how Bubble Wrap was invented.