Quit Like a Millionaire 1

What’s in it for me? A declaration of financial independence.

“Money is the most important thing in the world.” It’s a startling and borderline heretical claim. After all, we’re told time and again that you can’t buy happiness. Well, sure – you can’t spend your way to Earthly bliss. But here’s the flipside: poverty is pretty sure to make you miserable. Far from being the root of all evil, money is the most important tool we have to improve our quality of life.  If you want to look out for the people you love, you’ll need money – the more, the better. Want to spend more time with your kids? Ditto. How about creating time for leisure, reading, going to the theatre and discovering new cultures and countries through travel? You’ll have guessed the answer by now: money.  That’s the philosophy of Kristy Shen, a self-made millionaire who retired at 31. In these blinks, we’ll be exploring how she did it. Expect plenty of unashamedly contrarian takes, left-field strategies and novel concepts. More to the point, expect to find a roadmap to wealth creation, debt eradication and financial independence.  Ready? Let’s get started. Along the way, you’ll learn  why property isn’t always the bonanza you’ve been told it is;  how to save for early retirement and make your money go further; and  why you should eliminate debt before attempting to grow your wealth. 

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