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The key message in these readims: To grow as leaders, we need to be more mindful human beings who pay close attention to the things that have shaped our present behavior. This will improve and deepen the way we interact with colleagues and how we lead the team as a whole. Above all else, it pays to become more humane, courageous people, because that is the path to less-toxic workplaces and companies that act responsibly regarding their employees, communities and the environment.  Actionable advice: Make time for yourself outside of work. Don’t be afraid to just enjoy a box of candy, a foot massage or a crime thriller. There is no shame in nourishing the parts of yourself that can’t be fulfilled with a big promotion or a pat on the back from the boss. We’re human beings with diverse needs: don’t neglect the parts of you that work shuts down. You could even head to the bakery this instant! Got feedback? We’d sure love to hear what you think about our content! What to read next: Originals, by Adam Grant You’ve seen how Jerry Colonna’s idiosyncratic approach to leadership can effect positive change, drawing from areas as diverse as poetry, psychoanalysis and Buddhism. If you’d like to learn more about unconventional ideas from the business world, we recommend Adam Grant’s Originals (2016).  Here, Grant explores where great ideas come from, giving you helpful guidelines for how you can nurture originality in all aspects of your life. For an engaging take on enhancing your creativity and identifying and actualizing your true Eureka! moments, head over to the readims to Originals, by Adam Grant.

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