What’s in it for me? Reboot yourself and become a better leader. 1

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As a leader, you will inevitably reach a point when you’ll ask yourself, “Am I doing this right?” Wracked with doubt and anxiety, you’ll look around at a hard-headed corporate world and wonder whether you can keep up the pretense of being fully in control. Reboot promises to help you find your feet again, through the process of radical self-inquiry. Rather than the quick tips and management strategies that so many leadership books provide, Reboot shows you how to look deeply into yourself and ask the fundamental questions. What has shaped you as a human being? Why are you irrational sometimes? How do you act in times of crisis?  It’s only by dealing with these essential questions that you can grow as a human being and leader. And it’s only in this way that we can rethink and redefine our approach to leadership, and create a less toxic, more forgiving workplace. In these readims, you’ll learn how the Buddhist saint Milarepa conquered the demons in his cave;  why standing still can be the best thing for us; and why horses choose the best leaders.