Shoot For the Moon 1

What’s in it for me? Learn the wisdom and life lessons that made the Apollo missions possible.

There was a time when the idea of putting a human being on the moon was strictly the stuff of science fiction. But then came July 20, 1969, when NASA’s team of astronauts, engineers and mathematicians turned fantasy into reality and forever changed the popular perception of what was possible.

Sure, it took some impressive minds to achieve this incredible goal, but behind all the rocket science were practices that anyone could use to reach their own milestones. As we’ll learn in the blinks ahead, it wasn’t just book-smarts that put humans on the moon; it was also the ability to find purpose in a task and remain prepared and well-rested for the unexpected challenges and fears that lay ahead.

By learning from those who’ve achieved greatness, you’ll be in a better position to shoot for the moon and turn your wildest dreams into a reality.
In these blinks, you’ll find out
• why a good night’s sleep can be the answer to your problems;

• why there’s a big difference between a December and a January deadline; and • how a pen saved the Apollo 11 mission.