Siege 1

What’s in it for me? Get the lowdown on the Trump presidency from behind the scenes. 

It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s presidency has not always gone as smoothly as he and his supporters might have wanted. From the steady stream of high-profile resignations, to Trump’s alarming performances at international summits, to the fallout from the Mueller report, there’s been no shortage of controversy.   But there’s more to his presidency than the headlines and rumor mill might suggest. In Siege, we go behind the scenes of the Trump administration. From Michael Wolff’s insider perspective, we hear about all the scandal and plotting from the people who surround the president. In the following readims, you’ll find out who the main players in the White House are, what their intentions might be and how Trump really sees them. In these readims, you’ll also learn how Steve Bannon wielded power outside the White House; what Trump was doing on the night of the midterm elections; and how Robert Mueller differs in character from the president.

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