Steal the Show 1

What’s in it for me? Perform like a pro.

The English dramatist William Shakespeare once wrote that “All the world’s a stage.” What he meant was that all of us are actors. At first glance, this is an uncanny idea. Wouldn’t you rather see yourself as unique? The product of your own choices rather than a bit player reading lines in someone else’s drama?   But acting isn’t the enemy of authenticity. Just think of your favorite Hollywood stars. They’re convincing because they bring their own experiences and personalities to their roles. They don’t just act – they become their characters.     You don’t have to be a thespian to leverage that insight. From job interviews to presentations and first dates, life is full of situations in which we’re expected to play a part while bringing something special to the table. So, what’s the secret?  That’s exactly the question we’ll answer in these readims, drawing from the wisdom of performance pro and former professional actor Michael Port. You’ll learn the tricks of the trade, and discover how you can apply these to your own life. Along the way, you’ll also find out  how improvisation can help you in the boardroom; why you’re a natural-born performer even if you don’t know it yet; and how to unlock your authentic inner voice.

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