Surrounded by Idiots 1

What’s in it for me? Live more harmoniously by knowing the four personality types.

At times, we can feel as though we’re surrounded by idiots. When no one seems to understand what you’re saying and everyone is acting in ways that make no sense to you whatsoever, you might think to yourself: What is going on!? Well, chances are you’re not surrounded by idiots so much as by other personality types who simply have different attitudes, values and behavioral patterns than you do. As author Thomas Erikson explains, there are four personality types, which can very briefly be broken down like this: Dominant/Red, Inspiring/Yellow, Stable/Green and Analytical/Blue.  If you’re tired of not getting through to people or thinking that everyone else is from a different planet, it’s time to understand personality types. In these readims you’ll learn Bill Gates and Steve Jobs’ personality types; why some people hate the spotlight; and how to deliver bad news to someone.

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