The Coach’s Survival Guide 1

What’s in it for me? Take your coaching to the next level.

Coaching is an exciting career that provides plenty of fulfillment. Helping clients overcome career hurdles, restore balance to their family lives or regain control of their emotions can feel more rewarding than any paycheck. But like any job, coaching also comes with a unique set of challenges for its practitioners. Establishing the right relationship with your clients can be difficult – whether you’re just starting out as a professional coach or already have years of experience. Perhaps you’ve experienced the awkward situation of a client calling you at all hours, or you’ve wondered how to proceed when someone cries in your office. Alternatively, maybe you’ve found that interacting with your clients is smooth sailing but that winning them in the first place is an uphill climb.  If any of these difficulties sound familiar, don’t worry: Kim Morgan is here to help. Drawing on real-life case studies and decades of experience as a professional coach, she’ll show you the way out of the stickiest coaching situations. From managing your clients’ expectations to handling conflicts of interests, these blinks provide practical tips and tricks that will help you build your career as a respected coach in any area.  Along the way, you’ll learn  why you and your client need a contract; when to disclose personal information; and how you can regain a work-life balance.

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