The Coffee Bean 1

What’s in it for me? Learn the hidden power of the coffee bean.

Every morning, all around the world, millions of people begin their day with the same basic ritual. Despite their many differences, they all share this one habit in common: as soon as they wake up, they sit down for a cup of coffee.  Caffeine jolts the brain back into full consciousness while the evocative fragrance and taste of the beverage help people greet the day. This is the well-known power of coffee – and it’s all thanks to the humble little bean from which the drink is made.  But there’s a much more powerful, less widely known lesson hidden inside the coffee bean. The following story is a fable that conveys that lesson through vivid imagery, memorable metaphors and a story to which everyone can relate.  In these readims, you’ll learn  how to escape feelings of hopelessness and resignation;  how to avoid becoming bitter and heartless; and  how to stay positive and overcome any form of adversity – all by harnessing the power of the coffee bean!

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