The Happy Mind 1

What’s in it for me? Learn the dos and don’ts of living a happier life.

There’s no shortage of how-to guides on making money and seeking fame and fortune, but these guides tend to leave out a crucial element: what to do when all that money and success still leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled.  You might wonder how someone with endless amounts of money could possibly feel unhappy with their life, but, as authors Kevin Horsley and Louis Fourie explain, money is no harbinger of happiness. In fact, money, fame, adoration, awards and the newest cars, clothes and gadgets can’t bring anything but a fleeting sense of happiness in the guise of pleasure. To find sustained and meaningful happiness, we must look beyond money and the shiny new toys it can buy. We must look within ourselves, and to the steps we can take to change our perspective on the world around us, and not lose sight of the things that really make life worth living. Ahead, you’ll find a variety of tips and methods to help you develop a happy mind and a happier life. In these readims you’ll find… why it’s never good to confuse pleasure for happiness; what the stone age has to do with our relationship to money; and why being a news junkie can be harmful to your well-being.

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