The Joy of Less 1

What’s in it for me? Find out what’s truly important to you.

We live in a time ravaged by over-consumption and over-production. We’re churning out more stuff than we need, and our rubbish dumps are piling up at an alarming rate. To curb materialism, we have to ask ourselves: Do we have too much stuff? Probably. Most likely, you’ll realize you own many things that you don’t actually need. These readims will show you how to determine what should be kept and what shouldn’t. You’ll learn how to develop a minimalist mind-set, which will not only help combat your stress but also ease the strain on your wallet. But most importantly, by looking more closely at your possessions, you’ll realize that the valuable things in life aren’t necessarily items that you own. In these readims, you’ll learn how to develop a sense of detachment from your belongings;what STREAMLINE stands for; andabout the usefulness of baking powder.

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