The Joy of Work 1

What’s in it for me? Discover some easy-to-implement ideas for improving workplace productivity.

There are some days when getting through a day at work can feel like an epic struggle. You’ll be facing a fast-approaching deadline while coworkers seem to be lined up at your desk vying for attention, and the number of unread emails in your inbox is reaching staggering new heights. It all seems like more than any one person can possibly manage! Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to reclaim peace of mind – and, while you’re at it, increase productivity. While finding ways of working undisturbed can be part of the solution, as author Bruce Daisley makes clear, there is a less intuitive part of productivity: the social aspect.  Yes, we need to block out distractions while we work, but there are limits to how much time we should spend working before the harmful effects of exhaustion set in. Plus, what we do when we take our much-needed breaks can also have a tremendous impact on our well-being and overall efficiency. In these readims you’ll find how to get a productive day started before 11:00 a.m.; why you may want to take your next meeting outdoors; and why it’s important to laugh, even when things are grim.

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