The Leader Habit: Master the Skills You Need to Lead–in Just Minutes a Day 1

What’s in it for me? Learn leadership through guidance and practice, without trawling through a ton of books.

You’ve seen the stuffed shelves in self-improvement sections in libraries and bookshops. Every snake oil salesperson seems to be pushing a new book devoted to leadership skills and management. It’s a hot topic and everyone seems to have a opinion. Not that all of these books are bad of course. Some come packed with interesting anecdotes and lengthy theories. They may even make you laugh. But when it comes to actual practice, they’re often distinctly lacking. And in leadership, what matters is results.

What you need is guidance, some clear advice and easy-to-implement leadership skills, obtainable through simple steps and training exercises. This is where these blinks will help. They will introduce you to a technique you can use to become a better leader.
The “leader habit” can be learned through simple exercises, responding to cues that occur in everyday situations. What’s more these exercises only require a few minutes’ work at a time. Step by step, you’ll build new habits that will assist you in becoming a better leader, more attuned to and aware of the world and the people around you.

In these blinks you’ll learn:
• what grumpy customers are really trying to communicate;
• how a pizza delivery team became better drivers en masse; and • how to identify and improve a poorly performing team.