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from book The Leader Habit: Master the Skills You Need to Lead–in Just Minutes a Day

The key message in these blinks:
Leadership isn’t about knowledge – it’s best understood as a series of habits that link leadership microbehaviors to specific cues. If you can change the way you respond to situations, it’s possible to develop exemplary leadership skills. Five minutes a day is all you need. In using the power of chaining and establishing keystone habits, you’ll fast-track your development and improve your self-image so that you can become an effective leader. Actionable advice:
Develop team-building activities to create team spirit.
In order to lead a successful team, you need to facilitate cohesion by creating a sense of team spirit. When you think of team-building activities, you probably think of after-work drinks

or bowling. But team-building should be a habit that is implemented on a daily basis. The next time you communicate with someone – either in person or by email – take five minutes to put her in touch with another person from whom you think she could benefit. This could be personal or professional – just tell her why you think she would enjoy meeting that person.

What to read next: The Coaching Habit, by

Michael Bungay Stanier

In these blinks you’ve learned what it takes, in practice, to become a great leader. But working as part of a team or within a community requires more than leadership for task completion. Sometimes you have to think of the individual. Sometimes you have to be ready to coach and mentor. The blinks to The Coaching Habit (2016) shows just how coaching works, component by component. Coaching isn’t about giving advice, but demonstrating how success can truly be achieved.

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