Start turning your life around by breaking out of your comfort zone. 2

from book The Millionaire Dropout: Fire Your Boss. Do What You Love. Reclaim Your Life!

Do you love your life the way it is right now? Do you earn more than you’ll ever need and feel fulfilled by your job? If your answers to these questions are “yes,” then congratulations – you can stop reading right now! But what if you sometimes wake up dreading work or struggle to stretch your paycheck to cover all your wants and needs? Well, welcome to the club. Like millions of others, you’re not living your best life. But that’s about to change.
Let’s get one thing clear from the get-go: turning your life around won’t be easy. Change is a long and occasionally arduous journey – but that can’t come as too much of a surprise. Whether it’s overeating, drinking too much, failing to save money or giving up on learning, most of us spend a good twenty or thirty years messing up our lives. Tidying that up takes time and effort. But here’s the silver lining: it can be done.
So where do you start? Well, as an old Chinese proverb has it, a journey of a million miles begins with one step. The first item on your travel itinerary is breaking out of your comfort zone. It’s the most familiar place in the world and includes everything that has become so routine you do it on autopilot: commuting, grinding out another day at the office, watching TV on the sofa in the evenings and sleeping for as long as possible before it all restarts the next morning.
The truth is that most people live in their comfort zones. They regard it as both acceptable and normal because they’ve given up on their old dreams. They’ve lost all hope of doing something dazzling and achieving fame and fortune – in other words, they’ve come to terms

with the fact that their highest priority is simply getting by. It was this which moved Benjamin Franklin to remark that “most men die at 25, we just don’t bury them until they’re 70.”
Think of this as your wake-up call. Your time on earth is too precious to spend it simply existing. In the following blinks, we’ll be taking a closer look at how you can get out of your rut and start truly thriving. First, let’s get down to basics and ask the most important question of all: What do you actually want?