The Passion Paradox: A Guide to Going All In, Finding Success, and Discovering the Benefits of an Unbalanced Life 1

What’s in it for me? Discover the science behind passion and how it can change your life.

The age-old wisdom everyone recites is that we have to follow our passion to be happy in life. A life without passion, we’re told, isn’t going to be a very fulfilling one. This might be true, but the science behind passion is a bit more complicated than that. And a general lack of understanding about how passion really works can result in destructive behavior and leave us burned out or even depressed.
So how can we successfully harness our passion without encountering these pitfalls? Luckily, a deeper understanding of how biology and psychology affect passion can enable us to take our dream endeavors to the next level. It makes no difference whether you’re striving to be an athlete, entrepreneur or artist – these blinks explain how the often-paradoxical mechanisms behind passion can help you achieve your dreams, whatever they might be.
In these blinks, you’ll learn
• how passion and drug addiction aren’t so different from each other;
• why many other self-help books on living a balanced life have it wrong; and
• how the dark side of passion contributed to energy giant Enron going bust.