The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose 1

What’s in it for me? Guidance from a wise soul.

As we grow up and move into the world, we discover who we are and the path we’re meant to walk along in the journey of our lives. But with the complicated nature of modern life, these revelations may become clouded, postponed or even canceled. When this happens, we begin sleepwalking through life – present, but not truly conscious. How many of us are working at a job that we know we aren’t meant for, or only paying superficial attention to our most important relationships? Many of us have lost our direction in life and are merely just floating along.

In The Path Made Clear, Oprah Winfrey wants to assist those in need of guidance, and reveal the path toward a happier and more fulfilling existence by living a true and authentic life. These blinks are for those of us who feel like a ship without a rudder or those whose rudder is off course.

In these blinks, you’ll find out

  •  how our lives speak in whispers;
  •  why deep listening is a crucial social technique; and
  •  why we should redefine our concept of success.


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