The Surprising Science of Meetings 1

What’s in it for me? Make it a meeting to remember.

Take a look around a typical office, and you may conclude that the modern employee attends meetings more than she actually works. Although meetings are taking up more and more of our working day, many of us simply aren’t seeing the benefits of this enormous time investment. All too often, meetings leave us feeling unengaged, unenlightened and deeply frustrated about the interruption of our work.  It doesn’t have to be this way. Though many organizations have resigned themselves to fruitless meetings, researcher and management consultant Steven G. Rogelberg hasn’t. By pulling from scientific research and analysis, Rogelberg shows how you can transform your meetings into invaluable tools for solving problems and making decisions. With a wealth of simple tips and techniques that you can implement tomorrow, these readim s provide a clear and concise guide to changing the way you meet forever. In these readim s, you’ll learn what really needs to go on your agenda; how music can help your meetings; and why the most creative meetings are silent.

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