The Way We Eat Now 1

What’s in it for me? Uncover the most pressing food issues facing the world today.

When you look back on history and our relationship to food, there’s never been a faster and more dramatic change to the way we eat than that of the past few generations. Our grandparents, never mind our hunter-gatherer ancestors, could never have imagined that the most exotic foods from around the world could be delivered to your front door, all thanks to a few clicks on your smartphone. It is truly amazing how much progress we’ve made in such a short time, but it has raised some very serious questions as to how all this change is affecting our health. There’s no doubt that more people than ever have much-needed access to food, and yet it’s also apparent that obesity rates and cases of diabetes are reaching alarming numbers. Author Bee Wilson surveys the wide-reaching effects of modern food production and distribution to get to the root of our current dietary dilemmas. She also looks to the future and considers the steps that need to be taken to give us a healthier and more responsible relationship with our food. In these readims, you’ll find out how many calories are being consumed in the United States through beverages; why you may want to have a closer look at what’s in your pomegranate juice; and what goes into a meal replacement drink.

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