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The key message in these readims: At first glance, ultralearners can look like outliers. But in reality, anyone can adopt ultralearning’s aggressive, self-directed learning style to master difficult tasks in a short time. Want to successfully complete your own ultralearning project? Start by laying the groundwork: apply metalearning strategies and refine your focus. Optimize your learning by focussing on directness, drilling, retrieval, feedback and retention. To take things to the next level, cultivate intuition and experiment intensively. Actionable advice: Pick the brain of an expert.  Interested in taking on an ultralearning challenge to hone your professional edge? Before you commit to a time-consuming project like teaching yourself the basics of a coding language, make sure it aligns with your career objectives. Find a professional in your ultralearning field and conduct an Expert Interview with them. Ask them what concepts are fundamental to the field, what skills are in demand and which resources they recommend working with. After all, there’s no point learning C++ if you want to break into an area where everyone codes in Python. What to read next: Super Thinking by Gabriel Weinberg with Lauren McCann By now, you should be well on your way to becoming a certified ultralearner. But why stop there, when you could also be a super thinker?  If you were inspired by the strategies in Ultralearning, you’ll love exercising your mental muscles with the thought models in our readims to Super Thinking, by statistician Lauren McCann and entrepreneur Gabriel Weinberg.  In these readims, you’ll learn why the world’s best problem-solvers and strategists have trained themselves to think differently, using shortcuts, models and frameworks that help them understand complex situations quickly. What’s more, you’ll learn how you can apply these same shortcuts, models and frameworks in your own life, to maximize your acuity and streamline your thought processes.v

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