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Have you always dreamed of speaking fluent French, but dismissed the idea as unrealistic? Would computer programming give you a professional edge if you could only find the time to take a course? Whatever your personal or professional aspirations might be, ultralearning can help you realize them in record time. Ultralearning is an aggressive, self-motivated approach to learning that enables people to quickly and efficiently master difficult skills. By taking this approach to learning, they become ultralearners. Their feats can seem intimidating at first – think along the lines of learning a new language in less than three months. But the truth is that anyone can adopt the ultralearning strategy and see results. These readims will outline the key principles of ultralearning and give you the specific strategies and techniques you need to start your own ultralearning project and successfully pull it off! Along the way, you’ll discover why all your learning should begin with metalearning; why ultralearners succeed where many educational institutions fail; and what common memorization mistake you’re probably making, and how to fix it.