Utopia for Realists 1

What’s in it for me? Think of how we can radically improve society and the economy for everyone.

Today, most of us are lucky enough to live in what, by historical standards, are conditions of great wealth. For most of history, people would have regarded our lifestyles as utopian. So what is our utopia? When we imagine a better life, a better society, what do we see?  The problem is that we have stopped imagining altogether. In fact, we aren’t even considering some pretty basic questions: Why are we working harder and harder, even though we are richer than ever before? Why are millions still living in poverty, when we have the collective wealth to end poverty completely?  It’s time to re-embrace big thinking. It’s time to imagine a new utopia, not as an unworkable pipe dream but as a set of evidence-based, utterly deliverable ideas for how to reshape society and the economy so that all of our lives are radically better.  In these readmis, you’ll learn:  why giving people cash is the best way to help them;  why GDP is a fundamentally unhelpful measure of progress; and what single policy change could make the world twice as rich.

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