We’re All Marketers 1

What’s in it for me? Learn the principles of digital marketing and make your brand stand out from the rest.

Back around 2008, there was a severe economic recession and businesses were hesitant to spend money in the unproven area of digital marketing. But in subsequent years, it’s become increasingly clear that the internet and social media are where businesses need to focus their efforts to get the attention of today’s consumers. There’s firm evidence that the shift toward digital marketing has finally taken place. In 2017, $77.3 billion was spent on digital marketing, making it the first time this figure surpassed the amount spent on TV advertising, which came in at $72 billion that year. But the exciting thing is, you don’t need a billion-dollar budget to successfully market your business online. To be a great digital marketer, you simply need to research and understand your target audience and the type of content they’re currently responding to. Then, you can turn your attention to creating compelling marketing content informed by your findings. Whether you choose to produce blog posts, podcasts or videos, there’s a good chance you already have the resources to promote your brand cheaply and effectively. In these readims you’ll learn why Chick-fil-A will never sell a burger, how Vans shoes became culturally relevant, and how Nike creates loyal customers by offering free services.

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