Wise Guy: Lessons from a Life 1

What’s in it for me? Life lessons from a Silicon Valley pioneer.

Fortune, as the Romans used to say, favors the bold. Few people know that better than Guy Kawasaki. A Silicon Valley legend who made his name spreading the gospel of Apple when the tech giant was still in its infancy, Guy’s life has been a succession of audacious leaps and bounds. Whether it was hawking diamonds in the jewelry business, convincing companies to take a gamble on Macintosh products or learning to surf at 62, he’s never been afraid of a challenge.

But as he’s the first to admit, that hasn’t always been his own doing. From the schoolteachers who pushed him to make the most of his talents to a university friend who staked his own career on Guy’s ability to do a job for which he wasn’t technically qualified, he’s had plenty of help along the way. In these blinks, he tells the story of his life so far and pays homage to the people who gave him an occasional leg up, beginning with his self-sacrificing and loving parents.

But this isn’t just a straight-up memoir chronicling Guy’s successes and setbacks – he also sets out to distill the lessons he’s learned on his journey and inspire readers to live their own best lives.

So read on to find out

  •  why quitting law school was one of Guy’s best decisions;
  •  what surfing can teach you about life; and
  •  why having kids is such a rewarding experience.